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We understand the need for consistency in cell culture. That is why Thermo Fisher Scientific Nunc cell culture plastics are validated with trusted Gibco media to confirm optimum cell growth in multiple cell lines. Every lot of our Nunclon Delta surface treated tissue culture plastics are tested with Gibco media and multiple cell lines.

Gibco cell culture reagents and Nunc cell culture plastics are better together

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With more than 100 combinations of format and surface, our polystyrene cell culture plates help promote healthy cells and generate reliable results.

Choose from a variety of sizes, with culture areas ranging from 25cm2 to 500cm2 and a selection of cell culture surface modifications to address your specific applications and cell types.

Browse a full line of dishes with various surface treatment options to promote adherent, suspension, and 3D spheriod cell cultures. Also available in glass bottom for high quality imaging applications.

Thermo Scientific Nunc cell culture imaging products offer optical bottom plates, chamber slides and coverslides, glass bottom dishes, and flasks on slides for your cell imaging applications.

Maximum performance for a broad range of cell types and applications. Choose from round and flat-bottom tubes as well as conical tubes that offer a variety of sizes and features, including recyclable racks and ease-of-use designs for enhanced lab performance.

Full range of Nunc Serological Pipettes and Serological Pipet Fillers to support you at each stage of discovery.

Protect valuable samples safely and economically. Products designed to safely contain and organize cryogenically preserved samples. Our storage options provide the highest quality options for research, cell culture, biobanking and any other precious samples.

Great for co-culture, chemotaxis, invasion assays, barrier assay, and air-liquid-interface culture, our unique Carrier Plates enable height adjustment of the Cell Culture Inserts within the wells.

Designed and manufactured to provide the quality and consistency you need, Gibco media, sera and reagents help you achieve reproducible results and successful research outcomes—every day.

Advance your research with high-performing, proven cell culture instruments and equipment, including CO2 incubators, biological safety cabinets, general purpose centrifuges, lab refrigerators and freezers, automated cell counters, and cell imaging systems.

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