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Do-it-yourself gene synthesis

GeneArt Gene Synthesis Kit
& CorrectASEenzyme

Uncloned gene fragments

GeneArt Strings DNA Fragments

Full gene synthesis service

GeneArt Gene Synthesis

Full vector construction service

GeneArt Elements Vector Construction

Whole expression construct or pathway optimization

GeneArt Elements Combinatorial Parts Assembly

Gene synthesis and protein production

GeneArt Genes-to-Proteins

What we do Provide all reagents to perform gene synthesis from oligo assembly to gene cloning, including CorrectASE? enzyme Synthesis of linear dsDNA fragments up to 3 kb Synthesis of DNA of interest, cloning of DNA into standard vector or expression vector of choice (ready to use) Synthesis of complete vectors using defined DNA parts with known sequence/function, in combination with custom sequences Synthesis of multiple DNA part combinations cloned into a customer-specific vector Expression and purification of proteins from mammalian cells as all-in-one solution, starting from only the electronic nucleotide sequence
  • Full cost control
  • Every step in your hands
  • CorrectASE? enzyme helps reduce oligo-based mutations
  • Affordable and fast
  • Gene design flexibility
  • Gene optimization function
  • No physical template required
  • Reliable technology available to clone or assemble your complete gene (e.g., GeneArt? Type IIs Assembly Kits)
  • Convenient ordering
  • Full sequence design flexibility
  • Synthesis of large sequences (<100 kb)
  • Full gene optimization
  • No physical template required
  • Synthesis of complex sequences (e.g., high/low GC content)
  • Downstream services available
  • Predefined DNA parts from repository
  • CAD-like design/ordering software
  • No physical template required
  • DNA parts may be used multiple times
  • All parts combinations are possible
  • Identify the combination of parts that fits your needs
  • No physical template required
  • All production steps from a single-source provider
  • Experienced scientists
  • Reliable and advanced expression systems (FreeStyle? 293, CHO, and Expi293?)
  • Expression-optimized genes
  • Expression scales from mL to 25 L
  • No physical template required
Hands-on time High Medium Low Low Low None
Deliverables Kit (10 reactions) 200 ng linear dsDNA, uncloned (lyophilized) 5 μg lyophilized plasmid DNA 5 μg lyophilized plasmid DNA Single construct delivery: 5 μg lyophilized plasmid DNA
Pooled delivery: 30 μg of plasmid DNA and Glycerol stock of clone pool
Protein of interest and expression vector used for transfection
Production time* N/A
  • 5 business days for <1 kb
  • 8 business days for 1–3 kb
  • 9 business days for genes <1,200 bp
  • 14 business days for genes <3,000 bp
  • Express and SuperSPEED options are available
Project-specific Project-specific Typically 30 business days
Length Recommended for up to 1 kb Up to 3 kb Up to 100 kb Up to 12 kb vectors Project-specific N/A
Quality control N/A Bulk sequencing 100% sequence-verified 100% sequence-verified and IP check Single construct delivery: 100% sequence verified
Pooled delivery: Peer group sequencing
Detailed documentation, including Coomassie-stained PAGE gel and western blot
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*Number of days for production and to initiate the shipping process, NOT the number of days it will take to receive the delivery. Delivery time varies depending on location.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.